How I Control My Gout Without Giving Up A Single Cut Of Meat

Constant gout attacks kept me crippled for an entire year… but were meats to blame?

I think not!

My life now?  

I eat as much meat as I want every day and never have gout attacks anymore. Now I live without fear of eating something wrong. How I accomplished what they said was impossible.

I Woke Up Thinking Someone Had Stabbed Me In The Knee

“Oh crap.”

“This is not good.”

It was hot, it was swollen, it was painful just sitting still, no matter what position I had it in. Getting it out of that 10 to 15 degree sweet spot was excruciating. I couldn’t even sleep with a sheet over it, it was so painful.

It was by far the worst pain I’d ever experienced so far in my life… and considering I’ve had 4 out of 5 fingers covered in hot roofing tar… that’s pretty bad.

As I quickly went through the motions of trying to clear the pain effect to regain control of my senses, confusion of waking and my abilities, or should I say my inabilities.

I quickly came to the conclusion that I was effectively crippled, bed or couch ridden and not understanding what the hell just happened to me overnight. My knee was swolen to the size of an average cantelope.

Now, as someone who had lived a very active lifestyle until just 10 or so years prior and a decently active lifestyle at the time of onset, being crippled sent me into a psychological free fall for a few minutes.

It’s time to pay my doctor a visit.

My Doctor Gave Me The Standard Advice

“Eat less meat and take these pills”, said my doctor.

To say the least, I was displeased about it. I was a carnivore and had always identified as such.

It didn’t help my attitude that I hate the idea of pharmaceuticals as a lifestyle.

“Such is life,” I thought.

So, I cut my meat intake down by half and took the indomethicin I was prescribed. The swelling went down in my knee, but it didn’t completely go back to normal, even after taking the full course of indomethicin. For icing on the cake they put me on blood pressure meds. Just a year earlier, it was normal.

It swelled back up again a week or so later, even with my newly adjusted diet. Back to the doctor to get fluid drawn off again.

“Eat less meat and take these pills,” said my doctor.

It was prednisone this time. And again, I was displeased. Prednisone is a steroid and it bothered me quite a bit. But, I took it, anyway. It was only for a few days, after all. It probably wouldn’t hurt me.

But, after the course of prednisone was over, I just had another attack. Back to the doctor to get fluid drawn off so I could walk again.

The first 7 months after onset, I had a needle in my knee about once a week drawing off fluid.

“Eat less meat and take these pills,” said my doctor again and again.

It was allopurinol this time. It was the third “permanent” medication they were trying to put me on. I was already on atenolol for blood pressure and meloxicam to keep the swelling down. At this point to me, agreeing to take the allopurinol was giving up and accepting that this pain is just a part of my life from here forward.

I refused. There had to be a better way.

Does this pattern of doctors throwing the same thing at you sound familiar?

I Spent The Next Year Trying Everything

You name it, I tried it. Some of these brought a little success, others made it worse.

Here is the short list of some of the things I’ve tried.

Vegan Diet


Cherry Extract

Apple Cider Vinegar

Epsom Salt Baths

Vegetarian Diet

Herbal Supplements

Weight Loss

Baking Soda

Vitamin C

Juicing & Vegetarianism Were Disasters

The worst of my symptoms came when I tried going vegetarian and even vegan for a while. Going back to my regular gout diet of just eating less meat and adding juicing to it made it worse, as well.

After the juicing and the vegetarian diet failed, I went and researched and was trying to find out whether I had done something wrong. It was then that I discovered that vegans and vegetarians are just as likely to have gout as anyone else!

To add insult to injury, juicing was a complete disaster that made my already serious problem into a monumental problem.

The results of moving to vegetarian and then a vegan diet was horrible, but juicing made the pain and swelling much, much worse. Why this was a bad decision later is in my guide.

At this point, I was extremely frustrated, but refused to give up because every time I looked in the medicine cabinet, the unused bottle of allopurinol was staring me in the face. “Nope,” I said and shut the cabinet door.

A Couple Home Remedies Helped, Though They Just Helped With Pain

Organic apple cider vinegar with the mother in it helped me during an attack, but it was horrible to get down. Blegh! It does work to some degree, but again, not a cure or method to control gout on a consistent basis.

Baking soda mixed into water helped with the pain some, as well, but I was taking blood pressure medicine at the time, so only did that sparingly. Being diagnosed with high blood pressure at the onset of gout is a common occurrence. We’ll cover more on this in my guide later on.

Black cherry extract worked to a certain degree, but it didn’t seem as effective as the two I just mentioned for some reason.

None of the Standard Medical or Home Remedy Info Was Working

The fact is that the home remedies and the pharmaceuticals being pushed on me were band-aids. They helped alleviate some of the symptoms, but they weren’t helping me really get my previous quality of life back.

To put it simply, to get better answers…

I Had To Start Asking Better Questions

I had decided that my initial question online of “how to get rid of my gout” was the wrong question, because it wasn’t producing the answers that I needed.

So, I changed it.

My question became “what causes gout”.

Back when I was researching the juicing after it blew up in my face, I ran across a juicing article that pointed out how much sugar juices have in them and why juicing can actually be bad for you.

This also caused me to question the meat/gout theory… and my research brought back some very interesting findings, which I reveal in my guide book.

In My Gout Guide, You'll Learn:

  • What cause purines to rise to onset gout to start with? To be more specific, why, if you had changed nothing in your habits did your body start over-producing purines? Did you start eating more meats, seafood and other “high purine” foods? Of course you didn’t, so what caused it to rise in the first place? You’ll learn why in my guide.
  • Information is available, but doctors can’t keep up. New research is always being released, but doctors may not even know about it. I’ll bring you up to speed so you can talk to your doctor and work out a plan to manage your gout effectively. Your doctor will likely love it because it’s all peer reviewed science.
  • How I use OTC medications to stop gout attacks at their onset (which is very rare now unless I am experimenting to test).
  • Foods as a whole (including meats) don’t fluctuate purine levels that much, so how could this raise your purine levels at twice to 4 times the normal rate? The truth is that managing your purine levels is extremely simple once you understand the process that is corrupting it. I’ll give this to you in my guide.
  • The deadly cycle that drives this demon called gout! You may not realize it, but the standard gout diet given by doctors can actually reinforce your gout and make it worse according to peer reviewed science. If I’m correct, you’re going to be a lot more grateful than you suspect you will be. This was totally jaw-dropping for me when I finally put it together.
  • Gout is the least of your worries if I am correct. Lots of other things that can onset alongside gout are much more dangerous. I suspect many have paid and continue to pay the ultimate price for not having this information.
  • New science concerning ancient practices may be the key. Even after everything else that I had discovered about gout, I was still missing the one piece that made mine completely manageable without medications. This was the final piece of the puzzle that allowed me to have the quality of life that I was used to back prior to the onset of gout. I no longer worry about eating something “wrong” when I’m out and about in the world nor do I go to sleep at night hoping I don’t wake up to a painful gout attack.

Here's What I'm Offering You From One Gout Sufferer To Another

While some would try to sell you some crazy diet ebook, what I’m offering is a guide that will show you a new way of looking at gout, what potentially causes it, and how you can utilize the research and science that is readily available to the general public to not just control your gout, but return you to lifestyle that was once robbed from you by this dreaded disease.

No longer will you have to go to a barbeque and not be able to have those ribs or that steak you’ve been waiting on. You won’t have to worry about drinking a glass of wine with your spouse or having a beer with your friends. The stress you remove from your significant other who has had to help take care of you will be monumental.

This Is Not A Diet Plan Or A Prescription To Cure Anything

What I am offering you is the better part of a decade of experience and all the learning curves that go with dealing with gout. While other people are selling diets, I’m offering you the information that you need to be able to form your own opinion, diet and lifestyle with the guidance of your doctor.

If you have a good relationship with your doctor, you should be able to present the information I will give you to them and they will likely agree or at least say it’s worth a shot or “it can’t hurt” as my doctor put it. You’re not bringing them a bunch of garbage, but a common sense look at gout from a different set of peer reviewed science and a non experts eyes.

I will share my research and sources with you, what I’ve done, what worked, what didn’t work, and how I effectively manage my gout without pharmaceutical drugs and the other gimmicks that people have used to turn this disease into an industry.

You’ll get links to peer reviewed science, studies and test, videos by doctors teaching a lot of what I share, but they seem slightly off topic, until you start going through the information, then it will make sense.

Once you see it all fit together, you are likely to have the same reaction I did, which was in my own words “Jaw Dropping”. To me, even that is an understatement.

I eat meats, seafood and most things that the main stream medical community say you should avoid, but when I finally understood the processes of the human body and how they affect the processes that lead to gout attacks, I could then control them, and virtually eliminate or “reverse” the process. I no longer have gout atacks unless I am provoking it to test.

Since I’m just an average middle aged man (50ish) that has gone through this process and was the one in pain just like you are now, I couldn’t settle for less than regaining my quality of life after the onset of gout.

I’ve done this for myself. I have tested with much pain as my reward.  There is literally so much garbage and reguritation of main stream medical that it’s sickening from my point of view, and this is why I actually wrote this page and guide.

I tested other peer reviewed science, studies and test on myself because there are no others out there tying/testing the information I am using together.

I am no doctor, nor am I a medical professional. I can’t and will not tell you how you should deal with your gout issues. I am not qualified, nor do I want the responsibiliy of such. All I am offering you is my story, my path, my research and results from my personal testing of different theories.

I will lay out the science and give you many sources, and many of these sources have many more sources. This is why I call it guide and not a diet plan.

It’s literally my path to now being able to manage my gout without worrying about a sudden attack that renders me as nothing but a couch potato.

I’ve had others that have tried what I do from articles on one of my wifes blogs that I’ve written, and on Craysor, my gout based website. Many have told me that they too had success with my methods and information.

I have much more that finishes off the things on my wifes site and Craysor. It’s the keys to the kingdom for me, giving me the freedom to live with zero fear of  a gout attack, and has been that way for several years.

If I want a couple of glasses of wine, I have them, If I want a 16 oz ribeye, I eat it. Seafood? Man, seafood fears me, I don’t fear it, not anymore… or as my very young grandson says, “never no more”!

Once you’ve purchased, if you think my guide is BS or just not for you, simply send me an email and I will refund your money, no quesions asked.

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