Beet Juicing for Diabetes

Beet Juicing for Diabetes

While juicing may be a great way to get some delicious beverages for your diet, there are certain food items that make better juices than others. Juicing has been growing amongst the population for quite some time now. Machines are becoming cheaper to obtain and easier to use while giving you better and better results.  However, high quality juices come from healthy fruits and vegetables.

While fruit juicing may be more fun and tasty, it’s a good idea to fit some vegetables in as well. There are some healthier choices over others, especially when it comes to having diabetes. Luckily, there are some fruits and veggies that are better than others—many consider these “superfoods”. While this list isn’t about superfoods themselves, it is about one of the best ones: beets.

What are beets?

Beets, or beet roots, are one of the healthiest vegetables out there. It is a root vegetable that is deep red in color and often adds beautiful garnish and color to prepared dishes. They are one of the earliest-known remedy vegetables that have been consumed and juiced for their medicinal purposes, including aphrodisiacs by the Romans.

Benefits of Beets

Aside from the beauty of this vegetable, it has a tremendous amount of nutritious factors in it. Benefits range from assisting with blood sugar to making your skin healthier, but we’ll get down to the details:

  • Nerve Damage

Diabetes is a horrible disease that can ruin many peoples’ lives. Depending on the type of diabetes, it can ruin and destroy the nerves of your pancreas, which produce insulin to manage your blood sugar. Thanks to the power of beets, it’s possible to prevent and even reverse diabetes due to their healing properties on nerves.

  • Blood Pressure

Millions of Americans suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, so it can be difficult to enjoy foods that increase these levels. High blood pressure is also a symptom of diabetes, so beets are a powerful food for diabetics. Thanks to the nitrates in beets and beet juice, it regulates blood pressure and even lowers it.

  • Healthier Liver

Many vegetables and some fruits have antioxidants that assist with detoxing and alleviating your body of chemicals that need to be filtered out. Thanks to these assists in filtering, a lot of load will be lifted from your liver, helping it function. The less work it has to do, the healthier your body will be.

Juicing Beets

While beets are a wonderful vegetable to eat, they can also be thoroughly juiced for many of its benefits. While the taste is strong, it can also be mixed with other fruits and veggies to help with its taste. The juices will have most of the benefits as if it were being eaten whole. There are tons of recipes that can be used for beets and it mixes with a lot of things.

Using it as a base for smoothies or other juices is a good way to mask the taste if you’re not a fan of the taste. It can be delicious and is one of the most nutritious vegetables out there. Whether you’re juicing it or consuming all of it, it’s never a bad idea to add it to your diet.